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The Nissan Altima has been one of the country's favorite family sedans for almost two decades and one stop at the local Nissan car dealership makes it clear why.

The Altima is a car that's fun to drive whether it's the commute to work or taking the kids to soccer practice. When you start planning that summer vacation Blank Hotspur Jersey , don't you want a car that makes getting there half the fun?

In the earlier years of the model, in the mid-1990s, the Nissan Altima was a smaller sedan, focused on great gas mileage. It was still fun to drive, but the smaller interior made it less comfortable for the long road trips. As each new generation of Altima hit the highways, Nissan continued to improve the car, and by the third generation, beginning in 2002, the car was significantly larger than its predecessors and a true family sedan.

The other major shift that came in the third generation was the move to a continuously variable transmission. The CVT is an automatic transmission that feels more like a standard transmission in terms of gas usage and power. Even the smaller 4-cylinder Altima has good off the line acceleration and the third generation V6 models had up to 270 hp.

The newest generation of Altima, the fifth generation, is still focused on power while offering all the little luxuries that make a family car more bearable. The four-cylinder Altima can leave the Nissan car dealership and hit 60 mph in 7.8 seconds; the V6 model is even faster.

Your Nissan dealers in MA can offer you a test drive in these state-of-the-art cars that combine family-size with comfort and luxury. The newest Nissan Altimas feature keyless entry and push button start as well as touch screen navigation on the dashboard. To make those family trips a little more comfortable for the driver, there's an iPod docking station and enhance navigation systems.

To keep the family safe for the journey, the Nissan Altima has updated steering and suspension systems to make sure you stay in control. The car has voice controls, a hands free phone option, and a collection of electronic safety measures including blind spot monitoring. Anti-lock brakes and traction control, as well as dual front airbags help contribute to your family's safety.

The four-cylinder Altima also helps keep down the cost of that summer vacation, with an EPA estimated 27 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the open road. And with a base cost just under $23,000, the Altima is an affordable car to own.

Head over to your local Nissan car dealership to compare the four-cylinder and V6 models. The mileage on the V6 is not quite as good, but if you spend a lot of time on the open road, the increased power might be worth it. Still have questions about the Nissan Altima? Call or stop by <'http:www.glicknissan'>Glick Nissan to sit in the Altima or take it for a test drive and find out how much fun it is to drive. To prearrange that test drive Ben Davies Hotspur Jersey , or see what they have in stock, visit them at http:www.glicknissan. Getting Used Automobile Suggestions Getting Used Automobile Suggestions

Scouting for price-cuts is a smart habit. And purchasing used cars is no exception.

No wonder why many individuals are enticed to buy used vehicles. In fact, statistics show that the number of people that purchase used vehicles is three instances over the number of individuals who buy new cars.

But then again, not all used cars are maintained equally by their prior owners. Hence, it's important for those who wish to purchase used vehicles to consider the distinct factors that may have an effect on the performance and the condition of the automobile.

Right here can be a list of some ideas that can assist buyers in selecting their used vehicles.

1. Safety features ought to not be taken for granted.

Becoming old just isn't an excuse to justify the used car's lack of safety capabilities. Each vehicle, whether old or new ought to have safety features in order to avoid some achievable accident while driving.

Each and every used vehicle should still have its anti-lock brakes operating effectively and airbags which are nonetheless intact (for automobiles made after this requirement).

two. The mileage is important

This really is since the quantity of mileage reflects the way the car has been used by the prior owner. Furthermore, the mileage will denote the used car's age.

Typically, an average driver will drive 12, 000 to 15, 000 miles in a year. In this way, the buyer will probably be in a position to estimate how old the automobile is.

3. Over-all check up is important

Prior to getting the vehicle, the buyer ought to first conduct an over-all check up on the condition of the vehicle, from its exterior parts as much as the very detail of its interior portion.

Being old will not mean any signs of wear and tear will be an excused. Hence, individuals ought to be aware what they may be paying for.

4. Test drive

There is no better way to know the condition from the vehicle till it has been test-driven. Hence, a buyer ought to make each of the effort to perform a test drive first before he or she jumps into conclusion.

5. If possible, the over all service history in the automobile ought to be checked.

This can provide the buyer solid info relating to the true condition from the car. Right here, the buyer can detect if the car has a lot of technical difficulties before, if it has been into an accident already, or if the owner was great enough to supply the proper upkeep for the vehicle.

Understanding these items is extremely important to steer clear of possible dangers in the future.

Boiled down, inspection is mportant particularly if the transaction issues cash. Low-cost is no substitute for getting a smart buyer.

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